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Monday, December 31, 2007

I lost my Blog List

I know this sounds crazy but I had all of my favorite blogs saved in my bookmarks on my computer. This morning I woke up and after checking my email went to go blog-stalking and they were gone. Of course my first reaction was "ANTHONY WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE COMPUTER?" he said he didn't do it. Next it was "PATRICK WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE COMPUTER?" He said he didn't do it. I don't know what happened so I've spent the last hour trying to find some of the obscure blogs that I look at on a regular basis. I think my blogroll is going to get bigger.
Those who don't blogstalk might laugh, but you guys know what I'm talking about. :o)

1 comment:

Pam said...

that happened to me too! Frustrating isn't it!!!!!!???? Nobody else understands quite like a fellow blog stalker. ;o) Let us know if you find any good ones. I found one Pretty funny.