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Friday, September 22, 2006

Day After Day...

we wait. And wait. And wait. Patrick and I have gone to San Francisco. We had a great time. It was nice to be away for a little while. This was my first plane trip so it was good to have a "trial run" for India.

We are still waiting for the judge to sign our guardianship papers. There are 11 families waiting from our agency now. The judge isn't signing any documents for any adoptions. Our lawyer is appealing the higher court to try and get results. So we wait.

Ananya is about to turn 19 months old in a few days. Her most recent height and weight updates came this week. Our girl is 14.7lbs and 73 cm. This makes her really tall and skinny. Her weight puts her into 6-9 months clothes. Her height puts her into 12 month clothes.

The wait is very hard for our families and all the familes that are waiting. I can only pray that the courts are able to process our guardianships before the end of the month. The Indian holidays are approaching and the celebrations last 9 days. But for now all we can do is wait and wait and wait.