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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Pictures :-)

Ananya Sophia Rina

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Still Not Leaving :o(

To say that our process has gone slow is an understatement. A BIG HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!!!

To recap, we got NOC July 17th. Expected wait time after that is 30-45 days each for guardianship and passport. Most people get ICPC (in the US while waiting on passport) in 3 weeks.
We waited 149 days for guardianship and have waited 41 for passport so far and are expecting another 6-7 days before it is issued. It has been 197 days since NOC was issued. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!
I just found out that North Carolina lost our ICPC paperwork. I had to get Oklahoma to resend our papers to North Carolina. ARGGGGG!!!!!!

We had hoped to travel January 23rd. Of course, we are still here waiting. We then hoped to leave February 5th. We then got an email saying that Ananya's passport would not be issued until February 5th. I am about to go crazy with all the waiting again. I hope we can leave February 12th. But we are waiting for 2 large things that we can't leave if we don't get it.

We learned today that the family that just came home got to actually see Ananya. :o) They said she was a little scared of them at first but warmed after a few minutes.

Please pray that God makes the transition as easy as possible for her. She may have a rough transition for having the Ayahs care for her for so long. She needs everyones prays right now.
We hope to hear good news soon. I will keep everyone posted if we receive any news.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Day!!!!! :o)

Today was a really good day. Our friends in Alaska finally got approval. They have been waiting as long as we have and now they finally are moving forward. YEAH!!!!!!!!
The first family has picked up their baby in India. The posted some wonderful pictures. Its so exciting to see that the process really is moving now.

If only we could get Ananya's passport issued and our ICPC completed. Please pray for us.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Not Yet:o(

We got news yesterday that Ananya's passport won't be issued this week. Probably not next week either. So.... Now we wait proabably another two weeks before we can leave. As you can imagine, I'm not happy. I want to leave now. We have to go back and redo our time off. Now I will probably have both of my childrens birthdays off work this year. We continue to make preliminary plans and preparations. Please pray that everything gets moving and we can leave soon.

The first couple from our agency is in Kolkutta. They are HOURS away from meeting their son. Keep them in your prays, they are alittle tired from the long trip.

I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Time is Flying!!!

We haven't heard anything new yet, but we are still preparing to leave next Tuesday. Thats now only a week away. I can barely stand to be away from my baby any longer. There are lots of calls to make and lots of paperwork to gather. Please pray with us that the ICPC gets issued this week as well as her passport. Without these 2 things we can not leave. Hoping to hear good word soon.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Time is Near.

The time to travel is fast approaching. I really mean it. I've been on the phone with a dear friend and travel agent this morning. She is looking for tickets for us to leave January 23rd. That's 12 days away WOW!! We get to meet our daughter in 2 weeks. It was a shock for me even though I've known for several weeks we would be traveling that week. We have lots to do to prepare for our trip.

January 23rd is a special day for our family. That is the day 1 year ago that we became a family of 4. The day we saw our daughters face for the first time. The day part of my heart went to India.

We are all so excited. We will keep everyone updated on our travel plans as they are finalized. We will keep the blog updated while we are in India so everyone can see pictures of the Princess and her brother. I will also post her shoe size so she has shoes at home when she gets here. I will let everyone know how long her hair is.

Stay tuned for further details.