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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Visit to Great-Gram and Pap-paw

We made it back from PA without any problems. Ananya did pretty good on the trip. She didn't sleep on Tuesday. I mean really. She finally went to bed at about 4 a.m. Of course, we were planning our zoo trip for Wednesday. We made it work and had a good trip. We had fun and saw all the cool animals. Anthony got to go fishing. We visited some family. Well here are the pictures. I'll hopefully have something more meaningful to say, but for today, I have some things to do.
Anthony at Mini golf with the polar bear.
This is Ananya with her great-Grammy.This would be my dad carrying the stroller up the escalator. Why are we carrying the stroller, why not use the elevator?Well this is why. No Power! We had to walk up the escalator. It was really steep.

This is our great navigator.Ananya enjoying the sights in her stroller.My two babies. Ananya is clapping her hands. Her new favorite activity.My dad with the kids.Ananya sitting like a big girl. Notice her huge shoes. She is wearing her braces.
Anthony got a stuffed bat. I got Ananya a hat at the gift shop. She doesn't like wearing hats.

This is the trip out. Still no power.

The beautiful city of Pittsburg.

Anthony enjoying the ride.

We had a great trip and can't wait to go back. I'll include a slide show of the animals later.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

And The Days Go By

The days go by. Anthony gets older. Ananya gets older. My babies are growing. While its fun to watch, I hate to see these days have gone. Ananya got her braces this week. She is tolerating them well. She still does new things each day. No speech, but she is clapping her hands. She smiles so much. Its hard to remember the early days when we first got home and she won't let me put her down.

We are going to PA to spend some time with my Dad and Grammy. We'll be back on Thursday. If I find and internet connection (AKA a Starbucks), I will post some. If not I'll update everyone later. We plan on visiting the Pittsburg Zoo. I'll be a great trip. Bye everyone. See you soon.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lazy Days :o)

Thankfully, we are just cruising through summer and relaxing. These pictures pretty much illustrate our days. Ananya still gets therapy twice a week. She is doing well. Her AFO's aren't ready yet I guess as I haven't gotten a call. Me and the kids are getting ready to go to PA the week after next. We are visiting my Dad and Grandma. We may go to the Pittsburg zoo or something while we are up there. That will be fun.
Ananya is still moving right along. Her medicine seems to be working and loosening her up well. She has started clapping her hands. That is really huge for us. She likes swimming.
This day last year we just got a new picture of Ananya. Our papers had been in India for a little over a month. Only 2 weeks and we got NOC issued. Its crazy that all this happened a year ago. It feels like Ananya has been with us forever. I love her so much. She is doing so well. So here are a few pictures. I have been alittle slack and haven't been taking many pictures.I wanted to send a few hellos. Mom I hope your bronchitis is getting better. Gram, I hope you feel better and have a good week with Aunt Glenda. See you soon. And BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my Dad. He got his Lifetime membership at Weight Watchers. I'm eating cookie dough as I type this. I'll try to be better about posting pictures.