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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ananya Sophia

This is 12 months.
This is 9 months.

I think this is around 5 months.


I have decided to start this blog to journal our family's adoption journey. We started the process about a year and a half ago but feeling no need to hurry. Our preliminary application with Dillon International was completed March 14, 2005. Our formal application was not completed until September 27, 2005. We started our Home Study October 5 and completed it January 11, 2006. Around this time the process sped up significantly. We enquired about a waiting child and recieved Ananya's information on January 23rd. We completed our dossier on May 9th and returned Ananya's acceptance paperwork on May 18th. As of June 25th, we have our passports (except Anthony's) and we have 171-H from the US government. Our paperwork was sent to India around June 1st. We are waiting for NOC at this time from the Indian government. We hope to have our baby home before Christmas.

Ananya was born February 25, 2005 in Kolkutta, India. At birth she weighed 2KG, about 4.4lbs. Around her first birthday she weighed 6.5KG, 14.3lbs. Everyday our baby is growing and we can't wait to meet her.