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Monday, October 09, 2006

Terrible Wait

Many said that the wait for an adoption is difficult. I did not doubt them, not in the least. Their words however did not prepare me for all this. There are moments that I think this is never going to end and I'm going to go crazy. Most of the time anymore, I feel numb. Like I don't have any grief left. God has helped me with the endless explanations of what is going on. He has given me patience to explain over and over the process we are waiting on. I have moments where I want to cry, alot of these moments. I'm so excited and yet heartbroken that the process has stalled.

For those of you who don't know. Two different judges have refused to sign guardianship papers, not just ours but all in general. 11 families are waiting for this step. There are about 4 more who are closely behind waiting on NOC.

This process is proof that God is in control. He has brought us a child that I've never had a doubt that she should be with us forever. He is making us wait, and I can only hope that He is holding her as He is giving me the strength to wait out the prcess.

I can only ask God to please let me hold my baby soon. Keep her safe while she is away.

We love you Ananya.