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Friday, October 26, 2007

Early Trick or Treating

Today we went to an early trick or treat at an office building in town. I'll post more later. We are continuing preparation for our Halloween party.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Day

Kristy, you asked for pictures. So here you go.
Today we started getting ready for our Halloween party. We got our pumpkins. Me and a friend of mine made some chocolates for the party. We had a soccer game again this evening. Last night we tied (1-1). Tonight we lost something like 4-0. We always lose count.
Yesterday we went to the doctor. Ananya is scheduled to have botox again at the end of January. The doctor felt she was getting good results from botox. Well, I'm going to put the baby to bed. Its past her bed time but we didn't get home from the game until 8:45.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

8 Months Home

It has been almost 8 months since we've been home. Its amazing to think about it. Ananya has blossomed and changed so much in that time. She is becoming very out going. She is also a tad spoiled. She is back to not cooperating with the therapists. They get alittle done in the 60 minutes. Some days are better than others though. We are adding a special educator soon. I have to call her back and make an appointment. Ananya has started taking steps when we hold her hands at times. She still isn't bearing all of her weight when taking the steps, but hey it's progress. She loves to play with our kitten. They both play with any piece of paper they find lying around. Its cute. She really likes the keyboard that Grandma gave her as well as her bouncy horse. She actually has 2 horses. 1 is one of the big old ones that they don't sell anymore because they are unsafe. (We have to put her on it and we watch her.) The other is smaller. Her feet touch the ground. She will sit on it and watch TV rocking back and forth every once in a while. Its her favorite. I quickly learned not to put her on it during therapy because she throws a fit if we take her back off it. We seem to have gotten her legs straightened pretty well because she isn't fighting her braces at night. Unfortunately, that means the botox is about at its peak probably and we will be doing it again in a couple of months. We knew that ahead of time though.
She is so cute. She has this scrunchy face she makes when she wants to get out of trouble. It works sometimes, sadly enough. We are going to have no end of problems with her getting her way. I'll add some pictures tomorrow as I'm working tonight. I know that is really what everyone wants to see.