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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 15, 2008

Today is a day of celebration. We have been a family of 4 for a year now. It has been an amazing year. I can't even describe the ways my life has changed. If given the choice I would repeat it, as is. I am thankful and truly blessed by God to have this daughter. I am overjoyed that God opened my heart and my eyes to adoption. I don't see why everyone doesn't get to adopt.
I started out 2007 desperate and depressed. I was just learning about faith and dependence on God. I had never had to lean so heavily on God and tell him, "I'm giving you control of my life. I'll follow your will." It came out more like "Fine. I won't have my daughter until You say so. Fine. Just hurry up already." I hope that I sound less like a pouting 3 year old and way more grateful today.
One year ago today, I met an angel. She has saved so many parts of our family. What was good a year ago is better now. I see a new side of Patrick, and Anthony. I know there is a new side of me. I'm becoming the person that I want to be.
I can't even remember the sorrow of waiting. Its all gone now. Even starting another adoption, the emotions surprise me. I've forgotten the sadness. Guess all you need to forget is a loud 2 year old that loves to tear paper into little pieces.


Cindy said...

Ananya--You have a great family supporting you and I can tell they love you so much! Congrats on your 1st GOTCHA DAY!!!

Cindy, Darrell, Emy & Luke O.

Amy and Clint said...

Thanks for sharing!

Peter and Nancy said...

Happy 1-year anniversary together!! It won't be long now before you have another brother to love, Ananya! Blessings to you all,